Tell the Senate to Fix the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision!

You probably frowned when you heard about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision a few months ago. You remember – the one that strips many women of access to fully-covered contraception if they work for “closely held” employers with religious objections to contraception. You wondered what you could do to protest this decision.

It’s time to act. The U.S. Senate is considering legislation to protect women’s access to all forms of contraception without cost, and your senators need to hear from you immediately.

The majority in the Hobby Lobby case claims that its decision is narrow because Hobby Lobby challenged four of the 20 FDA-approved forms of contraception. However, Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion did not limit the court’s ruling to only those four types of contraception. Thus, companies can refuse to cover ALL forms of birth control if they choose to do so.

Since the court’s ruling, over 82 companies have stepped forward to say they will embrace the decision, but they have not confirmed how far they will take it. This decision is expected to have the heaviest impact on lower-wage workers. As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in her dissent, “The cost of an IUD is nearly equivalent to a month’s full-time pay for workers earning the minimum wage” (two of the forms of contraception Hobby Lobby objected to are intrauterine devices).
The Supreme Court’s decision singles out women for discrimination. It’s up to Congress to act so that preventive health care is covered without co-pay, regardless of sex. The Senate bill has majority support – 56 senators voted to consider the legislation on July 16 – but we need 60 votes to overcome a procedural hurdle and actually hold a full up-or-down vote on protecting women's access to all forms of contraception.

Tell Congress that there’s no room for bosses when it comes to women’s health care decisions. A woman and her doctor should be able to choose the most appropriate method for her without worrying about her boss’s religious beliefs.

Take action today: Congress needs to feel the pressure to protect women’s health!

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