Cool Harvest

Did you know that almost one-fifth of climate change pollution comes from the food industry and our own food choices? Find out how you can help! Download your instant, free Cool Harvest kit by filling out the form below. Cool Harvest is a food, faith, and climate program for congregations brought to you by Interfaith Power & Light. The "Enjoy a Cool Harvest" guide will help you plan and host a potluck gathering. As you will learn, the foods that are healthier for the planet are also healthier for our bodies. You will also be able to download the spring "Sow a Cool Harvest" guide for planning and creating sustainable vegetable gardens.
• What Congregations Can Do
• Cool Potluck Ideas
• Recipe Sharing Instructions
• Film Screening/Cool Potluck Flyers
• Nourish Discussion Guide
• Tips for Lowering Your Foodprint
• A Climate-Friendly Farm Bill Handout
• Climate Change Table Grace
• Sustainable Seafood Guide
• Meat Eater’s Guide to Climate Change
Suggested film: Nourish (rent) (buy)

• Organic Gardening Primer
• Model Faith Garden Stories
• Creating a Raised Bed Garden
• Making Your Own Worm Composting Bin
• Top Ten Beneficial Insects
• Difference Between Seeds
• When to Plant
• Earth Blessings
• Regional Garden Resources
• Other Things You Can Do
• Advocate for a Healthy Farm Bill
• DIRT! Film Screening Flyers
• DIRT! Discussion Guide
Suggested film: Dirt!

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