Let the People be heard on Citizens United

The 2012 elections were the most expensive in our nation’s history, but citizens through grassroots action are rising up to say no to the big money special interests drowning out the voices of regular people. Already, 16 states and more than 500 communities around the country, including 28 counties and municipalities in Wisconsin, have gone on record calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and allow limits on election spending by billionaires and corporations.
The Money Out, Voters In Wisconsin coalition is focused on getting big money out of our elections and making sure all citizens can express their views in our democracy on a level playing field. We are coming together to call on the Wisconsin Legislature to place an advisory referendum about Citizens United on the ballot for the next statewide election.  To support this, we are launching a petition drive to demonstrate the public’s support for this action.

Please sign the petition now to add your voice to the tens of thousands of others across the state calling on the Legislature to let the people's voices be heard on the issue of big money in politics.

Click here to learn more about Citizens United or to get involved in the fight to take back our elections from big money special interests.