#OurChildrenOurBudget - Fight the Cuts

We need your help!  Governor Tomblin has proposed budget cuts to vital programs for children and families including child abuse prevention, domestic violence, home visiting programs, and family support.

Please contact your legislators and the Governor and ask them to reject these proposed budget cuts!

The governor's proposed budget leaves many of our families out in the cold.

  • 8.5% cuts to Family Resource Networks and Starting Points Family Resource Centers; even though these programs leverage more than $5 for every $1 the state invests.  
  • 25% cuts to In-Home Family Education Home-visiting Programs; even though this program saves money through prevention and helping vulnerable new parents succeed.
  • 26% cuts to child abuse prevention funds through the WV Children's Trust Fund,
  • 14% cuts to Domestic Violence shelters,
  • 7.4% cuts to Child Advocacy Centers who serve sexual abuse victims.
These proposed cuts are painful, not just from a financial perspective, but through the pain of families who will no longer have access to services that help prevent child abuse and domestic violence.  The proposed cuts are less than $1 million, but the human and financial costs will be significantly higher if the budget cuts are enacted.  
We cannot be quiet.  Please use this Action Alert and visit number1question.org to contact your legislators and respectfully ask them to save our budget from these drastic cuts.  
Let them know that these programs are crucial to your family and other families in West Virginia.  
#OurChildrenOurBudget – Fight the Cuts!

This action alert is sponsored by the Legislative Action Team for Children and Families, a coalition of over 20 organizations in West Virginia who work on behalf of children and families.   For more information, please visit number1question.orgThe #1 Question: Is it good for children?