Make the PLEDGE to Never Go to the Circus!

If you love lions and tigers and elephants, please make the pledge to NEVER go to a circus that has wild animals! 
The circus makes big cats and elephants do unnatural tricks like jumping through rings of fire or balancing on balls. We believe the animals perform because they are afraid of the circus trainers, who use painful bull hooks, electric prods and whips. Tigers and lions should not live in tiny circus cages with barely any room to move. And elephants should not be tied up with ropes and chains so short they can’t even walk. 
Big Cat Rescue would like to see ONE MILLION people pledge to live CIRCUS FREE!! We promise to make sure the politicians in Washington know that all of us who LOVE wild animals want the circus to stop exploiting them! Big cats and elephants belong in the wild…not in circus cages and wagons. 
And if you visit Big Cat Rescue, we will give you a FREE GIFT for making the pledge to go CIRCUS FREE!! 


This petition has a goal of 10000 signatures
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Number Date Name Location
12758 59 minutes ago Pam Bryant West Milford, NJ , US
12757 12 hours ago Anonymous SEQUALS, IT
12756 20 hours ago Denise Allegra Tampa, US
12755 1 day ago Anonymous Columbus, OH , US
12754 1 day ago Mary Shabbott Punta gorda, FL , US
12753 1 day ago jane sanders Valparaiso, IN , US
12752 3 days ago David Labonte Welschneudorf, DE+08 , DE Big Cats belong into the Wilds, not in Cages or Homes.
12751 5 days ago Saki Iwata CA , US
12750 6 days ago Anonymous Joshua Tree, CA , US Animals do not deserve to be in cages
12749 7 days ago Anonymous North Saint Paul, MN , US
12748 7 days ago Roberta Cihla Tracy, CA , US End animal circus acts
12747 1 week ago Anonymous Nashville, TN , US
12746 1 week ago Anonymous Orillia, ON , CA
12745 1 week ago Kelcie Taylor Citrus Springs, FL , US For all my life, I have loved and cherished big cats not only for their appearance, but for their personality. I love how vigorous they tend to be from time to time. I love how every feline is diffe...
12744 1 week ago eric archambault paris, FR+A8 , FR
12743 1 week ago Charlotte Lee Council Bluffs, IA , US I Love these beautiful animals and i believe they need to be protected, not used and abused for greedy humans
12742 1 week ago clara boudette Ann Arbor, MI , US
12741 1 week ago Caroline Marengere gatineau, CA
12740 1 week ago Anonymous Boston, MA , US
12739 1 week ago Nora Koch Warrenton , OR , US It is wrong to forced any living creature to preform or live in confinement for entertainment or any other reason. Their lives are their own and not ours to abuse.
12738 1 week ago Sandra Boylston FL , US
12737 1 week ago Becky Bunch Talbott, TN , US Wild animals were not put on this earth as entertainment for humans.
12736 2 weeks ago Anonymous NY , US Ban all animals in all circuses all around the world!!!!!!!! ONLY PEOPLE PROFORMERS !!!!
12735 3 weeks ago Charmaine Shannon Latrobe, PA , US The "CIRCUS" is so Outdated that it needs to be put to the History Books !! "ALL" of the Animals they have are ABUSED and Neglected,None of them do well on a Constant Road Trip ???? Other than "PRO...
12734 3 weeks ago Maria T LeVang chico ca, CA , US Stop this cruelity ..NO more animals of any kind in the circus
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