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Monthly memberships allow you to spread your AAI Membership cost over the entire year at a lower payment level than an annual membeship, with a simple and automatic withdrawal each month.  They also help AAI to create a predictable and ongoing revenue flow throughout the year to sustain our projects and operations.

Once a monthly Membership payment is initiated, funds are withdrawn from your credit card or bank account each month, automatically and without further effort from you.

Because they are monthly withdrawals, monthly Memberships payments are lower than an annual payment, helping you to spread out your membership cost throughout the year.

Monthly members receive:

  • Access to the members-only section of the AAI website, where you can find the AAI Audio Library as well as all organisation minutes and financial statements of interest to our members.
  • A printed copy of our flagship magazine, Secular World, each quarter as part of their membership;
  • An on-line subscription to AAI's quarterly member newsletter, Imagine!,keeping you apprised of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities available to AAI members;
  • AAI Member Reward Points at the end of every 12-month membership period, redeemable for merchandise with vendors who support AAI such as EvolveFish, Surlyramics, BeSecular, and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, as well as our own AAI Store.
    • The recurring monthly contribution level equates to the number of Member Reward Points earned each year. So the higher the subscription level, the more Member Reward Points earned.
    • Members at the $60/month level are also eligible for a FREE ticket for any AAI member conference ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD each year.
    • The $80/month level provides TWO free conference tickets; and the $100/month level provides FOUR free conference tickets.

Please enter your contact information and the level of AAI membership you would like to subscribe or renew, below.

07/31 Note: Some of our renewing members are getting a 'Missing country' message when they try to renew. If you get that message, click on the "Not you? Click here to renew" link just below this message to reset and refresh this webpage. You should then be able to process your renewal without complaint.

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